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No matter what you’re interested in, you can find it at Smith. With over 1,000 courses in 83 areas of study, there’s something for everyone here. Take a spin through the course catalog, or check out one of our graduate programs. This is just the beginning.

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Spring 2024 Courses Related to Middle East Conflict

In addition to courses offered at Smith, the other institutions in our Five College Consortium have broad offerings on these topics as well.

Amherst College

HIST 319 - Religion, Empires, Secular
HIST 357 - Persian Book of Kings
LJST 248 - Law and War
POSC 235 - Lens of Border Culture
POSC 252 - Intro International Relations
POSC 438 - Insurgency & Counterinsurgency
ENGL 172 - Jewish Stories
HIST 190 - Prophet Caliph Sultan

Hampshire College

Critical Social Inquiry 0256 - Daily Life in Palestine: a HALF COURSE

Mount Holyoke College

Politics 216 - Middle East Politics 
Asian Studies 362 - Political Anthropology of the Middle East 
Geography 206 - Political Geography
Politics 116 - World Politics 

Smith College

Middle East Studies 217 - International Relations and Regional Order in the Middle East
World Literatures 218 - Holocaust Literature
Communication 794Q - S-Argument,Conflict,Mediation 


Judaic Studies 290STA - The Iron Wall: Arab-Israel 
Judaic Studies 390STA - British Mandate for Palestine 
Judaic Studies 102 - The Jewish Experience II 
Middle Eastern Studies 190A - WtrOil&Blood:MdEast/GlblPol 
History 131 - Middle East History II 
Languages, Literature&Culture 125 - Intercultural Communication 
English 391NM - S-NarrativeMed:HowWriting/Heal
Psychological & Brain Sciences 369 - Cooperation and Conflict 
Sociology 325 - Political Sociology

Ada Comstock Scholars Program

Nontraditional? No problem. Named after a graduate from the class of 1897, the Ada Comstock Scholars program is designed for women of nontraditional college age to return to school and obtain a degree from Smith. Adas take the same classes as traditional-aged students, at a pace that works for them.

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