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If you decide to leave the college once the semester has started, you have to withdraw. If you are considering this decision, make an appointment to speak to your Class Dean before filling out the following form and finalizing the process.


Students withdraw for many reasons, such as:

  • to pursue an internship after a year of leave
  • to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity
  • to take time off to work, either to save money or gain experience
  • to help family or friends

Whatever your reason for withdrawing, we hope you will come back and complete your Smith education. Even if you are withdrawn, you can keep in touch with any of the class deans. You are a Smithie, even if you are not at Smith!

Academic Record

Your transcript will note the date of withdrawal. If you leave after the end of the fifth week of the semester, all of your classes will remain on your transcript with Ws. You cannot complete work for a semester in which you withdraw.


Financial Services

Consult with Student Financial Services about your charges for the semester, which will be prorated to the day of your withdrawal. Students receiving financial assistance must also consult with Student Financial Services to understand how withdrawal will affect financial aid.


International Students

International students who withdraw must also meet with the Office of International Students and Scholars about their visas.

Withdrawal Requirements

Once you have withdrawn from the college you may not:

  • attend classes
  • compete in intercollegiate athletics or club sports
  • run for or hold an elected or selected office, either campus-wide or within a house

If you are a residential student you must:

If you withdraw from the college during the semester, you must be away from the college for a full semester. You cannot withdraw in the middle of one semester and return to Smith the next semester.